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The curators of the exhibition and the directors of ESCÓITASME?

Silvia Longueira Castro

Historian and director of the Institution Luis Seoane

Director of the Institution Luis Seoane, in A Coruña.

She created the first cultural management + communication company in Galicia: “Rey de Oros”. For ten years she worked and executed different cultural and communication projects for both public and private companies.

Founding member of the Asociación Galega de Críticos de Arte. She has published in different media and has published books and catalogs related to museum themes and artists’ careers.

Fermin González Blanco

Architect and educator

He is a doctor of architecture and educator. His professional career is permeated by the educational and informative nature of his projects, always in a hybrid environment between disciplines. He is a professor of Construction Systems at IE School of Architecture and Design. He began his professional career with the architect Manuel Gallego (2003-2006) and since 2006 he has been practicing from his own architectural studio in A Coruña. During these years he has held exhibitions and given courses and lectures related to architecture, design and teaching. In 2008 he founded Sistema Lupo under which shelters an excellent team of professionals involved in architecture and education. His award-winning doctoral thesis, “The bones of Fisac: the search for the ideal piece,” marked the beginning of a series of scientific-outreach projects on the transfer of knowledge from technology and art to society. He currently coordinates, among others, the Nenoarchitecture programs at the Luis Seoane Foundation.

luis seoane

The institurion holds a valuable heritage of one of the great Galician intellectuals of the 20th century, probably the most universal and complete in our recent history. But the intention is not only to preserve that heritage but to enable a primary service for the education and configuration of our identity, seeking the external visibility of that legacy and understanding the collection as something alive, constantly growing, incorporating new views on the Luis Seoane legacy from collaborations of artists of later generations.

Luis Seoane’s life and intellectual adventure is not so much the effort to carry out a broad and coherent work, as the desire to return the dignity lost by years of isolation and backwardness to Galician art.

The life of Luis Seoane (Buenos Aires 1910-A Coruña 1979) was a long journey through the twentieth century. Formed during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, fighter in the years of the Republic, fled in 1936, organizer and promoter of cultural life in exile, traveler around the world and attentive to the many discourses that were generating his time, Seoane was an exceptional witness of this agitated and turbulent century.

His work, vast and diversified, his open thinking, his initiatives, make him a prominent figure in the panorama of Galician and Spanish culture of the twentieth century, which he helped build with his effort, talent and commitment.

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