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On March 21, International Poetry Day, we read Seoane’s poems and launched the first challenge for the next day: a visual poetry, a set of rhymes, or a free poem would be the first works for the next day. And as Seoane’s chosen verses were an ode to Galician emigrants, we asked for a family genealogy to be made that reflected the intrahistory of each of us who, in an unforeseen way, could not move from where we were confined.

Thus began Laboratorio Escóitasme?, a project that was conceived as a children’s and youth activity and ended up being “a families meeting”.

In parallel to the creative challenges, we also came up with the idea of constructing new meanings that the quarantine itself forced to rethink.

Thus arose the idea of constructing “words” that children and adults proposed almost unintentionally. Then, we would have a new goal: we should give an image to the “word” invented. The first one was INXILIO.